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A quality program helps children develop independence and view themselves as competent learners.




Early childhood is the optimum time in children's lives to develop creativity, curiosity, initiative, resourcefulness, independence and responsibility.  Each child is unique and when given the opportunity and ample time to develop their interests, share their discoveries with others, and express their thoughts and feelings, these habits of mind will become a part of the children's outlook on life and will serve them well throughout their lives.

Each child learns from his/her environment, experiences, and contact with others.  A stimulating environment in which children can grow emotionally and intellectually contains activities including but not limited to art materials, science and discovery, materials for large and small motor development, dramatic play, constructive play, books, stories, alphabet and numbers, music, puppets, puzzles and many more.

Socialization with other children and with interested, supportive adults provides opportunities to develop problem-solving and negotiating skills, empathy, compassion, humor and many other social skills necessary for getting along in our diverse and ever-changing world.  Everyone benefits from appreciation of the beauty of cultural diversity.



The goals of Teddy Bear Preschool are:

bulletTo appreciate each child for who he/she is.
bulletTo create and maintain a safe, nurturing environment in which active learning can take place.
bulletTo promote growth and development through the physical environment, a planned program of developmentally appropriate activities, interaction with peers, and the guidance of caring adults who are concerned with the whole child.
bulletTo foster self-esteem, confidence and initiative in each child.
bulletTo provide an environment and program which offer the opportunity to make choices and decisions, to practice positive problem-solving strategies, and to engage in successful self-help activities.
bulletTo encourage concern for others, compassion, and appreciation of cultural diversity.


Key Benefits

bulletSelf-Help Activities
bulletProblem-Solving Strategies
bullet Kindergarten Readiness Activities


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