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Our Mission

bulletOur mission/goal at Teddy Bear Preschool is to:
bulletAppreciate each child for who he/she is
bulletCreate and maintain a safe, nurturing environment for active learning
bulletPromote growth and development throughout the physical environment
bulletPlan a program of developmentally appropriate activities and interaction with peers
bullet Provide a Kindergarten readiness program
bulletGive guidance by caring adults who are concerned with the whole child
bulletProvide an environment and program which offer the opportunity to make sound decisions
bulletPractice positive problem-solving strategies
bulletHelp children engage in successful self-help activities
bulletFoster self-esteem, confidence and initiative in each child



Company Profile

Teddy Bear Preschool is privately owned and operated. Its purpose is to provide quality child development services and child care for children two years old to kindergarten. We have been servicing the Monterey County community for over 28 years. We are a resource for family services to parents.



Contact Information

Teddy Bear Preschool is open Monday through Friday 7:30AM - 5:30PM

Payments: Cash & Personal Checks

(831) 643-2273
(831) 643-0380
Postal address
1291 Fourth Street, Monterey, CA 93940


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