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Painting is fun!   

Ours is a developmentally appropriate program, as defined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.



When the children enter the classroom in the morning, they are greeted by their teacher, then given the freedom to explore the various learning activities and interest centers that have been prepared before their arrival.  These centers are changed from week to week, day to day and sometimes from hour to hour.  Paint, clay, collage, musical instruments, blocks, books, dolls to bathe, suitcases to pack, flour, and salt to make play dough with are some of the special things your children will do on special days.  And each day is a special day!  There are enough interest centers and activities going on at one time that the child is motivated by knowing that they are there.  Always something new or some way that is new.  But always, enough things remain the same to provide the securities and comfort of familiarity.  Learning centers are arranged for ease of movement and convenience of use, but also for maximum challenge to the body and mind.

Art, music, science, language/literature, cooking, and math/logic based activities are directed by the teachers. Children are encouraged to explore, manipulate, create, initiate discussions, and draw conclusions while immersed in these activities.

Key Benefits

bulletDevelopmentally appropriate activities and learning centers
bulletActive learning in an environment that motivates children
bullet Kindergarten readiness activities
bulletSupportive, enthusiastic teachers

Family Activities

We have many family activities at Teddy Bear Preschool.

bullet Spring Carnival
bullet Easter Egg Hunt
bullet Mothers Appreciation Luncheon
bullet Fathers Appreciation Luncheon
bullet Cap and Gown Graduation Celebration
bullet New Families Potluck Picnic
bullet International Month
bullet Harvest Pumpkin Patch
bullet Thanksgiving Sharing Stew
bullet Winter Holiday Party




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